Multi-Frame Image Super Resolution using Convolutional Neural Networks

Australian National University, 2017

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Citation: Henderson, J., Russell, J. (2017). "Multi-Frame Image Super Resolution using Convolutional Neural Networks." Unpublished undergraduate Thesis, Australian National University.

We explore the application of CNNs to the problem of image super resolution, focussing on SRCNN. We replicate the implementation and confirm the performance of SRCNN, showing that simple, 3-layered, fully convolutional network is able to measurably enhance the level of detail in an image. We extend this network to a multi-frame case, which utilises the temporal relationship of subsequent video frames to add additional context to the network. Our experiments demonstrate a clear improvement of the multi-frame network over the original SRCNN. We also perform a cursory exploration of image alignment and re-introduction of colour channels with mixed results.